Pogo Linux Does HPC On Xeon E5

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Pogo Linux Does HPC On Xeon E5

Businesses buying high-performance computing clusters need exceptional processing power for incredibly complex workloads. But they still operate within budgetary constraints. A Linux-based HPC implementation is far more cost-effective than a monolithic supercomputer, and consequently very attractive to SMBs. Pogo Linux specializes in servicing the customers who need the fastest CPUs, the highest memory capacities, and solid-state storage. But then it goes the extra mile to get all of that hardware running in a flexible Linux-based operating environment.

Its newest server offerings center on Intel's Xeon E5 processor family. Pogo Linux covers all of the bases, offering 1U, 2U, 3U, and 4U machines designed to do some pretty incredible things. Virtualization is an especially big market for the company. Representatives we spoke to say that many Web hosts buy its servers and run a lot of VMs, but then need hardware able to shoulder the heavy load of virtualization without compromising performance. Xeon E5-based platforms are particularly adept there.

In addition to constructing potent server platforms, Pogo Linux puts an emphasis on supporting its customers with value-added services. Pre-configuration with Linux helps alleviate the challenge of integration, while additional specialties (like storage) make Pogo a single source for getting infrastructure components working smoothly with each other.

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