A Powerful Partner: Erik Logan is the CEO of Pogo Linux Inc., a system integrator in Redmond, Washington. Pogo Linux specializes in software defined hardware, supporting Linux and Windows.

I asked Bill if I could write the editorial this time. This piece on Pogo Linux brought up some good memories of a different life I had in the channel. - John Martinez/TechInsight.TV

I remember, many years ago, sitting in a meeting with Microsoft. I remember it well for a couple of reasons. I worked for a Seattle distributor, and it was the first time Microsoft sat down with us, interested in partnering with us to help grow the business. Big moment.

The other reason? We had met with a sales person who'd just taken over sales to the channel. He was energetic and excited about all of the opportunities and he was a nice guy.

Half way through the meeting, he asked us what we though of Linux. Did it have a chance? Was it something the channel cared about?


Intel High Availability: With this solution from Intel, HA is more affordable, easier to implement, and straight forward in its operation with better performance and lower latency.

Keeping up with change in the computer business is tough, but it's also what drives most of us. We get to look at the latest and greatest before most people even know it exists, and that knowledge is an important piece of the "resellers as trusted advisers" value proposition. 

The latest and greatest isn't always about the newest version of a software program or the next generation CPU. Sometimes it's about technology that takes a huge step towards affordability, so it's not just a Fortune 500 IT product but instead, technology that is within the budgets of SMB.


Compute Density:Supermicro's SYS-F627G3 series can take full advantage of the power of Xeon processors in a highly compact solution.

I was watching a video the other day. It was an interview featuring Charles Liang, Supermicro CEO. I was getting myself up to speed on the new Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor and I figured he would have something interesting to say about it.

He did.

Mr. Liang said they have lots of customers, especially in HPC, who need as much processing speed as they can get but they have two constraints.The first is the financial budget. The second is the power budget. He says the Xeon Phi brings a solution for both limitations. The Xeon Phi brings a much higher compute density and much better performance per watt so people can build much more powerful computing equipment to speed up their job. 


Intel’s Enterprise Edition of Lustre : Lustre is a parallel file system, and some call it the world’s fastest file system which allows all of your servers to be writing at the same time, with throughput of up to Terrabytes per second.

I talked with someone the other day about metadata servers, and I was surprised he hadn't heard of them. He's a longtime tech person who works for a large storage company, and he really knows his stuff.

So I didn't feel so bad. I hadn't heard of them either. In fact, my knowledge of Lustre was on the edge of nonexistent.

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